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Make Your Exterior Stucco Installation a Success

Tips to Install Stucco the Right Way  

Stucco is a popular exterior material for homeowners who are looking for a low-maintenance and long-lasting exterior solution. However, it is important to note that this type of wall finish is not as easy to install as other types of drywall. You need to put in proper planning and preparation, and also have the right tools and equipment to ensure a successful exterior stucco installation. Take note of the following tips to increase your chances of getting the job done right:


Find a reliable stucco contractor before you start the project. Check their credentials, experience, and certification to ensure that they have the right expertise to install the stucco. If they have a website in place, look for reviews on their previous works. Most reputable contractors even have a portfolio to show potential clients about the projects they’ve done before.

Proper Tools

In installing stucco, having the right tools is a must! If you plan to do it yourself, renting or purchasing tools is a necessary expense. To avoid such, work with a reliable stucco contractor to help you finish your project quickly. If you do have specialized tools, then best invest in the quality of the stucco material. The better the tools and materials are, the higher the chances of an amazing outcome.


There are different types of cement materials that you can use when installing stucco, such as cement plaster, lime plaster, sand, etc. When choosing materials for your stucco installation project, they should be compatible with each other. For example, if you want to use apply stucco for metal flashing or metal lath for water drainage purposes, choose the ideal plaster for this kind of application.

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