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Problems With an Amateur Stucco Installation

Signs of Poor Stucco Installations  

Stucco is an ideal material for your home because of its amazing advantages. It’s durable, low maintenance, and attractive. With proper installation, stucco can last for years. However, when it comes to a shoddy job, you’re likely to have issues with your home exterior in the long run. A stucco installation is nothing to scoff at! A wise investment requires expert hands. If not, you’re likely to face problems during an installation, such as the following:

Materials Not Working

The best thing about hiring stucco professionals is that you won’t have to worry about the project because they’ll take care of everything. They can even suggest better materials for you to use because they know what would work for your property better. They can also help you find affordable options as well. Improper mixtures are a common mistake during the installation job. When mixed incorrectly, stucco might not stick or not work with the overall design of your exterior.


During rainy weather, a well-mixed stucco is designed to repel water. However, poorly made stucco absorbs water, resulting in leaks! Water penetrates the walls and wreaks havoc on your home’s foundations. Not only will you have lost one of the main advantages of having stucco, but you are also left with damages. To ensure this doesn’t happen, stucco should be properly applied to your exterior.


If the stucco is applied unevenly or if it has big cracks on it, this could cause problems in the future like warping or sticking together. You can prevent this by preparing the exterior. You can cover cracks or ensure a smooth surface before applying stucco. A stucco specialist prepares every surface before application.

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